December 1, 2023

National webinar organized on the theme of National Education Policy-2020 under the joint aegis of Bikaner Technical University and Bhardwaj Foundation

Innovative initiative of Bikaner Technical University with the aim of establishing a new dimension to the industry of the country in coordination with industry and higher education.

Bikaner On 26 October, a one-day national webinar was organized on the subject of National Education Policy -2020 Academy-Industries Interface under joint aegis of Bikaner Technical University and Bhardwaj Foundation. During the program, Mr. KL Jain, General Secretary, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed everyone and said that the industry and academia will have to work together and the students will know about the needs of the industry and those needs by education Work on a solution. Vice Chancellor of Bikaner Technical University, Hon. HD Charan said that development of the village is necessary for the development of the country. The dream of a self-reliant India can be realized by connecting micro and small industries with the industry. The new education policy also talked about giving the right direction to education by making social leadership, rural entrepreneurship and values based on education. Calming the curiosity of the participants, Prof. Charan said that the right balance of theory and practical knowledge is essential. Therefore, practical Oriented and skill based education is compulsory. Highlighting the importance of human values in higher education, he told that education can be given right direction by understanding oneself, society and nature. Coordinator of the program Mr. P.M. Bhardwaj, Founder President, Bhardwaj Foundation, said that industry scholars from abroad took part in the program. Dr. Mamta Sharma Pareek started the program and welcomed all the guests and participants. Dr. Yadunath Singh Director Academic and Dr. SK Bansal, Dean FOEA of Bikaner Technical University were also present in the program. Apart from this, DCM Kota, Chambal Filtizers, Adani Power, Janus Overseas NBC, KEI, Kota Gyan Dwar, ISTD, Data Infosys, Rajasthan Electronics Limited, Hindustan Salts and Sambhar Salts, Heavy Water Plant and RAPP Experts from Adi Industries also participated and discussed issues related to education and industry, how a new dimension can be established in the higher and technical education world by coordinating between the two.

This webinar was attended by stakeholders associated with higher and technical education, representatives of various colleges, professors of different faculty of the university, and industry personalities including how higher and technical education can play its meaningful role in the industrial development of the country. The topic was brainstormed.

Date: 26.10.2020