December 1, 2023

Bikaner Technical University set an example in the implementation of innovations at the state level

Bikaner, 20, October Depression has become one of the major problems in today’s generation. According to the government report, not only the young but also the elderly are suffering from this disease, depression is bound to increase in the lockdown caused by the global epidemic like Corona. As such, under the guidance of Honorable Professor HD Charan, Vice Chancellor of Bikaner Technical University, a five-day online workshop named Sukhi Jeevan Anand has been prepared to free the students from depression. This program, based on universal human values, is benefiting not only students but also their families

With the establishment of Bikaner Technical University by Prof. HD Charan, the work of universal value was started with the aim of conducting this work properly. University Center Center for Happiness Anandam has been established at the university level, by its chairman Procharan Under his guidance, the university has been geographically divided into five nodal centers called Center for Happiness Anandam and a value cell has been set up in each college under the name of Happiness Anandam on the cell. For this, a three-day, eight-day workshop was organized at various levels in which about 650 teachers understood the universal human values and made up their mind to do the work. And so far this content has been delivered to 7000 students.

It is being told through the Happy Jeevan Anand program that with proper understanding, every human being can live life happily with harmony in relationship and convenience. There are four levels of human life – self, family, society and nature. When man lives with the right understanding, then self, family, society and nature can make everyone happy and prosperous. Similarly, there are some rules of living in the family and society, if every person gets to know these rules and feelings, then he should be responsible for the family and society, living in fulfillment with affection, love, affection, love and gratitude. Precisely ensures its participation. This five-day online program is mainly based on right understanding and right sense of relationship. Human is a unit of nature and human existence is possible only by living in harmony with every unit of nature i.e. co-existence. The same thing is given in detail in this workshop.

When students looked at living with these ideas, some questions were posed in front of them and to solve these questions, the university also organized a two-day Curiosity Solution Workshop. In various sessions of this workshop, Honorable Governor Mr. Kalraj Mishra, Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Ghalotji, Honorable Mr. Bhanwar Singh Bhati, Minister of State for Higher Education, Government of Rajasthan, Honorable Mr. Subhash Garg, Minister of State for Technical Education, Government of Rajasthan, Prof. Anil D. Sahastrabuddhe, Chairman, AICTE , Prof. M.P. Poonia ji Vice President AICTE, Prof. DP Singh GUGC President, Mr. Gulab Kothari ji Chief Editor of Rajasthan Patrika, Mrs. Suchi Sharma ji Technical Education Secretary Rajasthan, Prof. K. Agarwal, President NBNE Delhi, Mr. Kumar Pal Gautam ji Bikaner Collector, etc. also joined us And appreciated this worthwhile effort.


The university is committed to value education, and this is the purpose of its implementation in the curriculum. Today, due to the determination of this work, universities have created a unique identity across the country and the name of the university is taken with great respect for this work. This work is also appreciated by AICTE on various platforms. – Prof. HD Charan