September 24, 2023

Serial Fraudster Poses as Doctor and Engineer, Marries Multiple Women, Finally Apprehended

Mysuru Police on Sunday arrested a cunning individual who had been deceiving women by assuming false identities as a doctor or engineer and entering into fraudulent marriages. The man, identified as Mahesh Nayak, was apprehended after duping and marrying at least 15 women over a period of nine years. His elaborate scheme involved creating multiple matrimonial profiles, claiming to possess various professional qualifications, such as being a doctor, engineer, or even a civil contractor.

Hailing from Bengaluru’s Banashankari locality, Mahesh Nayak, aged 35, managed to sustain this deceitful lifestyle for years. To further establish his fabricated persona as a medical professional, he even set up a counterfeit clinic in Tumakuru, employing a nurse to assist him and lend credence to his claim of being a practicing doctor.

The unraveling of Mahesh’s web of deceit came when a woman, a software engineer, whom he had duped and married, lodged a complaint with the police. Prompt action was taken, leading to his arrest. Subsequently, additional victims of his fraudulent activities came forward, recounting their own experiences of being swindled by him. Shockingly, it was revealed that Mahesh had amassed four children from his numerous fraudulent marriages since 2014.

One victim disclosed that Mahesh had coerced her into providing him with money for his counterfeit clinic, and when she refused, he absconded with her jewelry. The police have registered a case of attempted murder against Mahesh, as his own father had previously accused him of such a crime. Authorities are now interrogating him to gather more information about his victims.

Interestingly, Mahesh specifically targeted highly educated and financially independent women, such as working professionals, who were not reliant on him for financial support. Consequently, many of his victims refrained from reporting the fraud, fearing social embarrassment and stigma.

Law enforcement officials have noted that Mahesh rarely maintained contact with his wives after marrying them. As a result, some of them eventually grew suspicious, especially when they observed his poor English language skills, inconsistent with his claims of being a doctor or engineer.

The case of Mahesh Nayak serves as a stark reminder of the need for caution and vigilance when engaging in online relationships and marriages. It highlights the importance of conducting thorough background checks and verifying the authenticity of individuals before committing to such life-altering partnerships. The authorities are now working diligently to ensure that justice is served for the victims, and steps are being taken to raise awareness about such fraudulent activities to prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.