October 3, 2023

‘Altor Smart Helmet’ Startup’s Idea Came After Friend’s Death In Accident

Altro Smart Helmet: Altor is India’s first smart headgear line that aids in the detection and quick avoidance of accidents.

Altro Smart Helmet: Friendship has its own rule, if one’s gets hurt the other makes him/her happy. We can do anything for our friends, we sometimes share things, thoughts, emotions, family issues, and many other life problems. We don’t pretend but we care for them a lot. In this era of unbreakable friendship, if one gets in trouble then we all are always ready for help even at midnight.

Here in this article, you will get to know about the story of an unbreakable friendship that leads to the invention of the Altor Smart Helmet.

Invention of the Altor Smart Helmet

Altor Smart HelmetImage Credit: Altor Smart Helmet

Altor was founded by Bilal Shakil, Sayan, Shamik Guha, and Anirban Gupta from The Institute of Engineering and Management in Kolkata. Altor was established in 2019. Altor is India’s first smart headgear line that aids in the detection and quick avoidance of accidents.

They began it since one of the founders’ best friends died in a bike accident owing to a lack of timely solutions on the market at the time, and therefore the team Altor came up with this amazing idea.

Altor Smart Helmet That Connects with Mobile

Image Credit: Altor Smart Helmet

Altor is a unique and intelligent gadget that connects to the mobile phone and detects accidents in a fraction of a second. The built-in accident detection system instantly sends a message to the rider’s emergency contact, including their last known position.

Features of Altor Smart Helmet

Features of Altor Smart Helmet

1. Swipe to receive/disconnect: This is a feature that allows the passenger to effortlessly receive or terminate calls with a single swipe up or down.

2. Inbuilt navigation: This function assists us in locating the rider and providing the last known location information if he encounters any difficulties or accidents.

3. SOS alert: When an accident occurs, an alarm message is automatically sent to the user’s emergency contact.

4. Reward for safe driving: This is a one-of-a-kind feature in which the rider will be aware of his strengths and weaknesses while driving and will be rewarded with points for doing so, encouraging him to ride well.

5. Detection of flagship features.

Altor Smart Helmet Got Funded in Shark Tank India

They proposed their idea to Shark Tank India for a 50 lakh investment in exchange for a 5 percent stake. The sales began on November 15, 2021, and they have actively sold 100 things while taking 500 prepaid orders. The selling price of a single helmet is $5,000, while the landing cost is $4,500, resulting in a relatively low-profit margin.

Even though the company was not yet profitable, the Sharks were moved by the cause and made two incredible offers: 1) Ashneer, Anupam, and Piyush Bhansal for INR 50 lakhs at 10% stock, and 2) Namita and Aman for INR 50 lakhs at 10% equity. After much deliberation among the Altor team members, Namita and Aman have agreed to a contract of 50 lakhs for a 7 percent stake.