September 28, 2023

Minus Zero Unveils India’s First Autonomous Vehicle, zPod, with Level 5 Autonomy Capabilities

Bengaluru-based startup Minus Zero has made a significant breakthrough in the autonomous vehicle industry by unveiling India’s first autonomous vehicle, known as the zPod. This groundbreaking vehicle has the ability to operate without human intervention in all driving conditions and environments, boasting Level 5 autonomy capabilities.

At present, the zPod is primarily designed for transportation within specific areas such as university campuses, corporate parks, or institutions with defined boundaries. However, its autonomous capabilities allow it to navigate and overcome various environmental and geographical constraints effortlessly.


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The zPod is equipped with strategically positioned high-resolution cameras that capture real-time images of the vehicle’s surroundings. These images are then transmitted to an advanced AI system, which makes informed decisions regarding navigation, speed control, and obstacle avoidance. By utilizing nature-inspired AI, the zPod’s autonomous agents can accurately predict uncertain or chaotic real-road conditions, eliminating the need for re-learning how to drive for different scenarios and geographies. The vehicle relies on a sensor suite operated by cameras, known as True Vision Autonomy (TVA), to navigate real-world scenarios safely.

Minus Zero, the company behind the zPod, has recently secured a seed funding round of $1.7 million from several angel investors in the autonomous vehicle industry, including Chiratae Ventures, Snow Leopard Ventures, and IIT Mandi. This investment will fuel the further development and advancement of Minus Zero’s proprietary technologies: Nature Inspired AI (NIA) and True Vision Autonomy (TVA).

Looking ahead, Minus Zero aims to collaborate with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to facilitate the growth and integration of their cutting-edge technologies. By forging strategic partnerships, the startup seeks to revolutionize the autonomous vehicle landscape in India and beyond.

The introduction of India’s first autonomous vehicle, the zPod, marks a significant milestone in the country’s journey toward autonomous transportation. As Minus Zero continues to innovate and refine its technologies, the possibilities for autonomous vehicles in various industries and settings are set to expand, paving the way for a future where self-driving vehicles become a ubiquitous mode of transportation.

Note: This article is based on available information and does not constitute an endorsement of the company or its products.